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关于美灼物资,金银仓,远立发展,美灼物资(物资局),灼华物资,Our strengths,美灼物资的优势,私たちの強み,価格が合理的で,Materials Bureau,

MISDR means

MeiCheuk International Supplies and Demand of Resources

美灼物资隶属于YLD Private Investment Fund 远立发展私人投资基金。

美灼物资成立于1986年,前身是灼华物资(Materials Bureau)。


美灼物资金银仓是隶属于YLD Private Investment Fund的两个子公司。











Our strengths:

1. Fast and timely delivery

2. The quality of concrete can stand the test

3. Reasonable price, cheap and affordable

4. The service was friendly and considerate

5. Provide VAT invoice

6. To provide convenient advance payment and settlement








MeiCheuk International Supplies and Demand of Resources is subordinate to YLD Private Investment Fund.

MeiCheuk International Supplies and Demand of Resources was founded in 1986. Its predecessor is CheukWah Material.

Main business: Steel, formwork, cement, tires, coal.

MeiCheuk International Supplies and Demand of Resources and Singapore and Hongkong Kam Ngan Warehouse are two subsidiaries of YLD Private Investment Fund.

Standardized service process of meizhuo materials:

1. Assist in handling construction application procedures. We will arrange special personnel to handle the construction application procedures for your construction unit. Let you rest assured of legal and compliance construction.

2. Send special personnel to contact with your construction unit to discuss the concrete purchase and sales contract. Carefully discuss the transportation route and night supply plan of concrete. Try to meet the requirements of the construction unit. If there is any demand for advance payment, we will provide quotation and answer questions in the contract negotiation stage.

3. During the construction period, we will send technical personnel to the construction site to provide necessary technical support and guidance for the construction personnel. Avoid errors in operation and construction process. Technical personnel will also deal with the quality of concrete on site in time. To achieve: century project, quality-oriented. After the construction, the technical personnel will remind the concrete maintenance technology in time. Achieve 100 points of pouring and maintenance, and track in place.

4. Every month, we will send a specialist to deliver the last month's statement. In order to let the construction unit consumption understand. If in doubt, it can be raised during the reconciliation period. Our staff and finance will answer for you.

5. Close to the completion of the project, we will settle accounts according to your construction unit's payment. Will prepare the acceptance data to your company. In order to let your company's construction site pass the acceptance smoothly.




2:设计四根柱子的意义,来源于美国投资家(拉里-威廉姆斯Larry Williams)对事物的趋势研究得出来的结论。(拉里威廉姆斯Larry Williams)先生认为,事物的趋势运动,运动到第四次的时候,是存在较大可能的变化。我们公司欢迎这种变化,设计寓意是四浪过后,可以给公司带来新的变化,给顾客带来新的变化。


The design significance of MISDR.NET logo.

1: Four blue pillars represent four seasons of the year.“ The number "four" has a strong sense of circulation. So we choose four blue columns to represent four seasons. We think that the development of things will fluctuate and move forward continuously. My colleagues send us that our company can keep on living and improving every day. Four blue pillars, symbolizing both hands and feet. The meaning of the beautiful burning materials will rely on our hands and feet to face the future.

2: The significance of designing four columns comes from the conclusion of the research of things by Larry Williams, an American investor. Larry Williams believes that there is a great possibility of change in the movement of things until the fourth time. Our company welcomes this change. The design implication is that after four waves, it can bring new changes to the company and bring new changes to customers.

3: The white stars on the pillars, the red letter URL, use the star flag color. The elements are from the American star banner. The implication is that our capital is a company from the United States.